How to research keyword and order content for freelancers

Begin of a niche site, you don’t have a luxury of money and resources and what you should do now? You have to focus on the high-converting content first, generate profit and re-invest revenue to build up your business.

The secret to get your site up and running fast is focus on “best of ” content first, and build a content hub around it.

Start with your keyword, you can use Ahrefs and type “best +keyword” and let Ahrefs works it magic.

For example, while researching for a bow niche site, I started with crossbow niche first, and with the very-first articles are about “best crossbow” and related posts that enhance the “best of ” content.

How to do keyword research for each article?

Keyword research, when done right, saves you a ton of time and money. And with each article, you can do as follows:

  1. Type your main keyword in Google
  2. Take the first 3 position results in SERP
  3. Put those 3 URLs in ahrefs/Site-explorer
  4. Click on organic keywords
  5. Filter and choose only keywords with position 10 or below.
  6. Filter and choose keywords with search volume > 100
  7. Put into a list
  8. Use your common sense to weed out meaningless keywords that are not relevant to the topic
  9. There you are, you have done your research for each article.
  10. Rinse and repeat with other topics.

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