How to become an authority in any subject

If you think you are not an expert, read on.

If you think you are not an authority, read on.

If you think you don’t think you have what it takes to be an authority in the niche that you want to dive in, read on.

Here is the truth:

Authority is not equal expert.

An authority is a person that associates with lots of experts and put the expert’s content in front of target audience.

See the twist here?

Think about Oprah, or major publication like Forbes, HuffPost, Bleacher Report, etc.

They are not experts in any particular niche, but they invite experts on their shows , let experts write for them and gradually become a place most people visit online.

So the trick here is when you start out, you don’t need to become an expert overnight, just talk about experts in the niche that you admire, talk about well-known figures in the industry, and you will become authority source in the eyes of your readers.

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